“I'm really happy where this is heading...”

Anyone who knows me knows how picky of an eater I am, and my hate-hate relationship with the gym. However, I really have been wanting to get healthy for a long time and have had no idea where to start. My beautiful friend Jodi Swansey is a lifestyle trainer and has worked with me and all my crazy limitations to develop a plan that works for me. Not just a crash diet or intense workout routine I do for two weeks and give up on, but something that's actually sustainable and intertwined with my current lifestyle. It's been one week. We're still tweaking it, but I've lost 3.6 lbs in the first week, with some minimal exercise and just conscious eating. I'm really happy where this is heading and can't wait to see all the changes continue as I make progress. If anyone feels stuck like me, contact Jodi. She's so easy to work with! She caters to your lifestyle and limitations and coaches you along the way and gives you everything in bite size pieces you can handle so it doesn't feel like you're overhauling your life all at once.

– Evie R