Your lifestyle trainer, here to support you in creating and living a lifestyle that is authentically YOU! The first step to achieving a life you dream of is by declaring it. What life do you want to live? What are you waiting for?

You've taken step one and found your way here so Congratulations! Let’s connect and upgrade your dreams to a reality, shall we?




A lifestyle of self-care through healthy eating habits and physical activity.



A lifestyle of love and acceptance for yourself and those around you.



A lifestyle of balance by managing emotions and feelings that come with change?


"...If anyone feels stuck like me, contact Jodi. She's so easy to work with! She caters to your lifestyle and limitations and coaches you along the way and gives you everything in bite size pieces you can handle so it doesn't feel like you're overhauling your life all at once." 

– Evie R

"...I'm a curvy woman with a whole lot of booty and have always been insecure about showing my stretch marks at the beach. She taught me how to love all of me!!! I thank her deeply for being intuitive and knowing what the purpose of our journey was together. Thank you Jodi!!!"

– Yadira R