WTF…The Less I Shower The Better My Skin Is


We all know by now, at least us ladies, that second day and third day hair is where it’s at. Our natural oils have set in, the waves in our locks are bedhead perfect and the only way to make it better is to add a little dry shampoo or as I like to call it “the good white stuff”. It must be the dryness in the air but in Vegas, I have THE best hair I could possibly have. Ugh…it’s heaven sent. Anyways, back to the face.

I’ve always had troublesome skin. It’s the most sensitive fucking thing I have ever touched, well almost the most sensitive (insert wink face with tongue out), and it drives me crazy. It’s blotchy, always red, blemishy a lot of the time, dry but oily, and just hates life all together. I’ve tried so many face creams and so far, every single one of them makes my face red. Thank goodness though I’ve found a face wash that works wonders and doesn’t make my skin feel like it’s on fire. There is no moisturizer yet that has been able to fight the battle of my combination skin but I have noticed that the less I wash it, the better it is. The natural oils in my skin work some kind of magic. What’s the catch? The fucking shiny shit show that happens. How can it be dry and oily? It makes no sense to me.

I know it sounds gross not to wash your face but I’ve noticed on the days where I’m at my laziest, and we all do this, I won’t shower till late in the day and my skin looks rejuvenated. It glows like those adorable little glow worms we used to watch on TV when we were kids. So do I wash it every day and deal with the redness, possible dryness that may occur, or do I let the natural oils do their thing and only splash my face with water? I’m serious people, what do I do? If you know, it is your God given duty to tell me because at this point I’m lost. I refuse to spend $15-$30 on a damn face lotion that will only be given to someone else or become hand lotion that I don’t need. Help me! Help me! Help me! I haven’t even begun to talk about the rest of my skin.

My hair? It gets oily within 6 hours after washing it if I don’t put dry shampoo in it. Grown hairs are like a permanent thing if I don’t shave every day. I know…fuck my life, right? I can be cold and sweaty at the same time and have no sign of illness. I could seriously give you a list as long as my Christmas list from 1991 but I need you to focus here. I’m desperate people. I just picked up yes to cucumbers calming night creamand I’m crossing my fingers that this is a winner. Until it has proven itself worthy of however much I spent on it, this is on you peeps. Spill your skincare secrets NOW!