That Free-Class-High-On-Life Status


So without even realizing it, this week is all about getting high. This is the kind of high I’m talkin’ about. A fitness lifestyle high.

If you’ve followed me on IG in the last few months, you’ll know I’ve been attending free fitness events all over LA and have been having the time of my life. I’ve met amazing people, tried many types of workouts I’ve never even heard of and most importantly, I’ve gained a true respect for fitness and how it plays in my life. This shit is real. FREE FITNESS EVERYWHERE! Do the research in your town. You will be surprised what you find and who you meet. What better way to experience where you live than meeting people and spending time with those who love what you love. I’m right, I know, so just fucking do it. You will once again thank me (because I know you’re thanking me for yesterday’s life saver).

Another plus to free events is the goodies that come along with it. Instructors giving you free classes to studios they teach at, brands showing up like Boxed Water and Clif Bar with free treats and raffles for Fitbits and lord knows what else. It’s all free and you’re already winning whether your name is chosen or not. Showing up for yourself, giving yourself the gift of health and respecting the beautiful body you have is the best kind of FREE you can receive.

I strongly encourage you all to reach out to the free fitness community and take advantage of all that you can. If you’re in the LA area, contact me. I’m serious…fucking do it! I’m here and ready for new fit friends to join my journey to a healthier us. Let’s do this!!!