When He Tells You You're The Best Sex Ever


How do you even take that compliment when you can’t say the same thing back?

“Really? Aww, thank you!”

Ugh! So awkward. It reminds me of when someone says “I love you” and the other person comes back with “OK”. Ummm….ouch! Maybe it’s not to that extreme but I can’t lie in this situation. It’s worse to lie than simply say thank you and be 100% honest. It’s not right to boost an ego not worth boosting, especially when it comes to sex, ya know? Again, no complaints but THE BEST? Pat yourself on the back, give a sincere thank you and move along. Don’t get too cocky. Who knows what kind of sexual experiences people have dealt with. For all you know, this man or women barely even knows what good sex is. You come along like a champ and change their world. Good for you my friend…good for you.

I will say, this is a proud moment. Sex is something special whether it’s just a hook up or full of love and deep meaning (no pun intended). When two people make the decision to have sex, even though you may not feel it, there’s a connection. I don’t doubt someone has been told “this was the best sex ever” just to boost it up and make the other person feel amazing about what just happened. If you’ve done this and lied, shame on you sir/madam…shame on you. Don’t fucking lie. If it was good, it was good. If it wasn’t THE BEST EVER, keep your mouth shut and either go with “good” or don’t say anything at all. When it comes to sex (or anything sex related) your best option is  “Thank You”. Do each other a favor and be open and honest. Don’t be a dick…but share it if you got one!

So…what’s the deal? Have you ever been in a similar situation? How did you react? How would you react? Tell a sista cause I’m really really really wanting to know!