Skincare Woe No Mo


Valentine’s Day (for some) is a day of love. A day to celebrate how much others mean to you. Yes it may be a silly holiday (for some again), believing every day should be spent celebrating love, but there’s nothing wrong with a little reminder to love just a little extra on this day. Give someone a card. Make them breakfast in bed. Buy them a rose. Take a workout class together. Give yourself a spa day. Especially now in our country, we get to celebrate love more than hate. Don’t be a hatter, hatters.

I myself always feel love from my man, friends and family but it’s the self-love and self-care that I lack on. Why are we so hard on ourselves? Why is self-love so fucking hard? Why do we feel guilty when we take the time to do something for ONLY ourselves? As we go through life and discover who we really are, whether we are trying to or not, shit comes up and we get to face it head on. I’m seeing more and more the lack of self-care for myself, specifically with my skin. I workout to be healthy. I eat healthy foods to be healthy. What about my skin? My beautiful face? As I get older the shit gets worse (the only downside to 30’s for me). I’m fed up with it. The redness…the dryness…the oiliness…all of it. I have the worst kind of combination skin and on top of it, it’s sensitive as fuck. I’ve worked hard the last 8 months on my self-love so now it’s about time I get this skin under control.

Listening to Jillian Michael’s podcast one day on the way to work, she mentioned a company called Kapulet that had 3 free skincare product for the first 200 people (get on it ladies the offer still stands). It was no coincidence that every product was for highly sensitive skin so of course, I signed up for the goodies. Days later, I read an article about skincare routines for all types of skin and the breakdown was like skincare for dummies. That’s me. It was a sign. No more loosing faith. This shit is going to work no matter how much money I spend. Amazon again saved the day (and dollars in my pocket). Its been 2 days now on the new routine so it’s still early but I will say my skin feels lifted, bright, and soft. It’s less red and my pores are looking slightly smaller. Like loosing weight or hitting a fitness goal, it takes time to see and feel the changes. Besides consistency, patients is a huge factor in seeing the results you want. Wash face. Use toner. Apply moisturizer. Wear sunscreen. Be patient.

As we get older, our self-care routine changes with our hormones and the environment around us. One thing that doesn’t change is what we get to do to keep our bodies healthy and our minds positive. I’ll keep you posted as I get further into this new journey. To get details on what products I’m using, go to my Instagram here (all brands are tagged) or click on the IG banner below.

I Got Some Booty On Tuesday


Damn it’s been a long time since I’ve had…well a really good booty workout. I’ve let myself COMPLETELY go as it happens to the best of us. Thank goodness for my amazing boyfriend (check out his IG here). Even with this weight gain, he loved me enough to tell me like it is and to get my ass in shape like I want to. We all need some tough love in our life. Don’t freak out! He’s not telling me I’m fat. He knows my desired goals and as my other half and someone who loves me, my goals are his goals and he motivates me every day.

If you know me, you know once I get in the swing of things, there’s no taking me out. It’s time to get more booty than I usually do and I started it out with a Bella Booty Fitness workout. I discovered this through a late night IG black hole excursion and when I saw FREE, it was a no brainer. YES…FREE!!! Every Tuesday at Shape90291, the beautiful (and extremely friendly) Hanna has this free class for 7 lucky ladies. This ass kicking, glute lifting, booty building workout was no joke and as much as I hated the pain of 5 workouts just on one side before switching (insert WTF face), I’m already signed up to go back. This little red machine does wonders for your booty and Hanna won’t let you go without targeting every single muscle back there. A little upper body and abs are thrown in there as well so it’s a 3 for 1 you don’t want to miss.

I walked out with a sore and firm booty. Mission accomplished. Speaking to Hanna, many of us forget to workout all parts of our glutes to give us not only the look we want, but the strength of those muscles we need for our posture. Strong booties are in so make your way to Bella Booty’s IG page (link above) and get in a class before it fills up. I’ll be there Tuesday, February 7th from 7-8pm. Who’s ready to join me? Lets sweat the fat off and build some ass.

It’s No Coincidence She Is My Partner


In nature, a lone wolf stands alone. Independent. Separate from the pack. As a human we are introverted, in solitude and work alone. Basically we tell everyone to fuck off. These were the traits I used to follow and as I’ve come out of my shell, stood in my confidence and created connections in my life, I look at Miss Bohdi here and realize it is no coincidence her and I are running mates. Yes…I get paid to run with this beautiful creature.

I chose the job to not only make more money but to spend time with a dog. I am so obsessed with dogs that I’m not sure if it’s normal, but I’m ok with that. Their energy, passion to play, love for their humans and loyalty inspires me to become this type of person. Fuck it…I am this type of person. As I looked at her today and thought about her bread (she’s a tamaskan) I saw so much of myself in her. Her look of a wolf was me just 2 months ago, alone and thinking I was ok with it. As our relationship continues, her playful demeanor and trust for me grows. Bohdi and I are truly spirit animals. We beat the odds of being “lone wolves” and are blossoming into strong, powerful leaders. Let me rephrase that. WE ARE STRONG, POWERFUL LEADERS!

Because of how she looks, every day we get questions and comments about her. Her energy and way of being has rubbed off on me, creating more connections with strangers than I ever imagined. I am truly blessed to have this “wolf” as my mate in the pack as we continue our journey as independent (but fully connected) females. Damn…sometimes I just blow my own mind as I sit here and really think about it. Our relationships are what we make it and the beautiful thing is, it doesn’t matter the form it takes. Yes, animals are easy to spend time with because they give you no verbal feedback, but when you look at it, they do in their own way. My bad vibes become her bad vibes and honestly, I do not want this chick pissed off. I’ve seen it and it ain’t pretty.

I, Jodi Swansey, am a confident, independent, trusting women and Bohdi’s animal form reflects just that. We are truly a match made and I am so blessed to share this relationship with everyone I come across. No matter how I’m feeling when I wake up at 6am, seeing Bohdi makes me happy. My connection with her inspires me to be my best every day, knowing tomorrow we get to do it all over again!

Keep Off The Vacation 15


This is not impossible people. Yes, of course you’re going to indulge in the food of the culture and try new things but why indulge so much that you set yourself back when you’ve worked so hard to get where you are now? We as humans do this to ourselves way too often. It’s called boundaries. Set them for yourself. Enjoy those nachos with every single yummy condiment that could possibly make sense but don’t eat the whole damn plate on your own. Get table sharing items, have small sized portions and get a taste for it all. Vacation is meant to be lived freely, and that includes in your bathing suit. I don’t know about you, but when I’m so full that the idea of a two piece is the last thing on my mind and I have the beautiful ocean waiting outside my door, I’m a little irritated with myself. I’m not saying you can’t have those kinds of days but I’m inviting you to think about choices when it comes to consumption. This will only add to the experience you’ve given yourself.

If you’re like me, you actually enjoy working out while on vacation. Running on the beach in a new tropical environment is my favorite way to site see, especially when I have a partner. Checking out the gym in my hotel is also a favorite. I find new machines I don’t have at home AND always end up meeting someone new and sharing our vacation experience together. Hello connections! Of course not everyone is into the fitness side of travel but if you are, here are some tidbits for dat fit ass.

Gym/Fitness Center: Obvi! You would be surprise how many great gyms are out there, especially in small hotels. What better way to switch things up than try a new machine. No fitness center in your hotel? Find the nearest gym and ask about daily/weekly passes. Sometimes they even offer a free 3-5 day pass if you’re “checking it out”. Yes, I have done this before. It works and is worth it!

Walking/Jogging: Whether it’s in the sand along the beach (ummm yea hi calf workout) or through a neighborhood close by, seeing the town outside of a car window puts you in the locals shoes. The locals know the spots so tour their city like they would.

Games: Close to a beach? Play volleyball, football or do some yoga. The beach is the best spot for vacation fitness.

Bands: I am in love with my Mini Bands and Resistant Bands from Tone It Up. They’re light weight, come in their own bags making it easy to pack, and take up little space. A workout in the comfort of your own room is golden. No this is not a paid promo for TIU although I so wish it was. Oh hey Karena and Katrina. Hit your TIU babe up!!!

Need more ideas, tips and tricks? Email me (

When He Tells You You're The Best Sex Ever


How do you even take that compliment when you can’t say the same thing back?

“Really? Aww, thank you!”

Ugh! So awkward. It reminds me of when someone says “I love you” and the other person comes back with “OK”. Ummm….ouch! Maybe it’s not to that extreme but I can’t lie in this situation. It’s worse to lie than simply say thank you and be 100% honest. It’s not right to boost an ego not worth boosting, especially when it comes to sex, ya know? Again, no complaints but THE BEST? Pat yourself on the back, give a sincere thank you and move along. Don’t get too cocky. Who knows what kind of sexual experiences people have dealt with. For all you know, this man or women barely even knows what good sex is. You come along like a champ and change their world. Good for you my friend…good for you.

I will say, this is a proud moment. Sex is something special whether it’s just a hook up or full of love and deep meaning (no pun intended). When two people make the decision to have sex, even though you may not feel it, there’s a connection. I don’t doubt someone has been told “this was the best sex ever” just to boost it up and make the other person feel amazing about what just happened. If you’ve done this and lied, shame on you sir/madam…shame on you. Don’t fucking lie. If it was good, it was good. If it wasn’t THE BEST EVER, keep your mouth shut and either go with “good” or don’t say anything at all. When it comes to sex (or anything sex related) your best option is  “Thank You”. Do each other a favor and be open and honest. Don’t be a dick…but share it if you got one!

So…what’s the deal? Have you ever been in a similar situation? How did you react? How would you react? Tell a sista cause I’m really really really wanting to know!

That Free-Class-High-On-Life Status


So without even realizing it, this week is all about getting high. This is the kind of high I’m talkin’ about. A fitness lifestyle high.

If you’ve followed me on IG in the last few months, you’ll know I’ve been attending free fitness events all over LA and have been having the time of my life. I’ve met amazing people, tried many types of workouts I’ve never even heard of and most importantly, I’ve gained a true respect for fitness and how it plays in my life. This shit is real. FREE FITNESS EVERYWHERE! Do the research in your town. You will be surprised what you find and who you meet. What better way to experience where you live than meeting people and spending time with those who love what you love. I’m right, I know, so just fucking do it. You will once again thank me (because I know you’re thanking me for yesterday’s life saver).

Another plus to free events is the goodies that come along with it. Instructors giving you free classes to studios they teach at, brands showing up like Boxed Water and Clif Bar with free treats and raffles for Fitbits and lord knows what else. It’s all free and you’re already winning whether your name is chosen or not. Showing up for yourself, giving yourself the gift of health and respecting the beautiful body you have is the best kind of FREE you can receive.

I strongly encourage you all to reach out to the free fitness community and take advantage of all that you can. If you’re in the LA area, contact me. I’m serious…fucking do it! I’m here and ready for new fit friends to join my journey to a healthier us. Let’s do this!!!

Real Talk...The Overnight Kit


Assuming most females have had this conversation, because lord knows my girls and I have, the topic of a discreet overnight kit has come up more often than not with the summer vibes in full effect. It’s breading season here in LA as everyone hits the beach, day drinking is in full moon status and those unexpected (but possibly anticipated) one night stands are occurring. Ladies we know how important it is to be prepared and in a moment of crisis (aka morning after), we need to be on our A game.

The idea of this kit came up when a friend (and I really mean a friend because it definitely ain’t this chick right now) was preparing for a “possible” overnight stay. We don’t want to show up with a giant weekend bag full of clothes and the dude look at you like you’re crazy for assuming but with that being said, what if it does happen? What if you get the “want to come over” invitation? Stranded with no necessary supplies? Left behind with nothing but your going-out clutch and freakum dress? How can you possibly be prepared without looking like you’re moving in?

Disaster averted. Problem solved. After much back and forth (because it’s what we ladies do) we created a plan. A plan that is worth adopting if you ever find yourself in this situation.

If you’re on a planned date, you can bring a bigger purse for those extra “must have” items. Nowadays it’s totally normal to have a carry on bag as an everyday purse. Hello back problems! But what about the girls night out that turns into a one-night stand? It happens to the best of us, or at least I hope it does. Ain’t no judgement from me and that is why I’m here to help you. Don’t you worry…Jodi got yo back! Remember, the clutch/purse must be big enough for more than your phone and ID. Give the goodies some room and place your small overnight kit or pouch inside. Alright, here we go.

The Overnight Kit

Underwear – Yes, a clean pair is necessary. Just do it and don’t ask. You’ll thank me when you have them available.

Shirt Change – I know you have that one top that can go with anything whether you have on a dress, a romper, or high waisted shorts. Roll that shit up tight and stuff it.

Oral Hygiene – Travel toothbrush and toothpaste. Maybe those little floss/pick things. Whatever you need for that mouth, bring it.

Plan B – Too much? Maybe not for some. Again…no judgments here!

Mini Dry Shampoo – Ok this is a must for me. I have blonde hair and naturally oily skin so when I wake up, it ain’t pretty without a little spritz or two.

Hair Tie & Bobby Pins – Need I explain?

Small Brush/Comb – Not a necessity for me as I prefer the bedhead look but for some, it’s a yes.

Baby Wipes – YES! YES! YES! Another “you’ll thank me later”.

Sunglasses – Them eyes may be puffy and red but I got you covered girl.

Compact or Concealer – A little touch up before he wakes up? Ummm yes. Where do I sign up?

Chapstick – I don’t care if he gives you a kiss goodbye or not, with all that action, you’re going to need some moisturizer.

Perfume – Another little spritz that’s needed in my book. Marc Jacobs “Daisy” is my go to in a small travel sized bottle for a fresh smelling you until yo ass get home to shower.

Ok did we do good? Any suggestions or add on’s? I’d love your feedback. Ladies got to stick together so let’s help ’em out.

I Found Something On My Neck And I’m Nervous As F@#$


So it’s been awhile since I’ve been to any doctor. The only time I go is if there’s an emergency because I’m in so much pain, I can’t handle it anymore. I know it’s bad but I just hate everything about those places. It’s cold, all white walls (which I love in any other situation) and although the women at this office were amazing, I still can’t stand it. I used to be so good and always on top of all my check ups. As I get older, I think I just get more stubborn.

Ok, so here’s the story. Thursday I woke up from a dream and I had my hand on my neck. I don’t remember what the dream was about but when I moved my hand, I felt something. Immediately I thought “what the F is that and is this real or am I still asleep?”. I kind of started to panic a little as I realized there was a dime sized lump on my neck. Luckily I didn’t freak out too much and start WedMD’ing the shit out of it but it was on my mind all weekend. I traveled to Michigan that day so I did my best to not think about it. Come Monday, back in LA, I knew this would break my four year run of not seeing the doctor because honestly, I started to get really scared. I got so lucky in finding the perfect doctor who I will now see regularly, as she had to remind me I’m 30 and it’s important at my age to stay on top of these things. Gee…thanks doc!

So I went in, she did a quick feelski, and told me I need an ultrasound. Ugh, I was so hoping it was a swollen lymph node but we can’t be too careful with this stuff, right? I don’t smoke, I eat healthy for the most part, I workout at least 4 days a week (sometimes 7) so what the hell is this? Friday I get an ultrasound and I’m crossing my fingers results don’t take more than 3 days. I don’t know how people wait weeks for this stuff. I’m a nervous wreck and for all I know, it’s just a tiny little calcium deposit. Although this is minor, I still can’t help but think of what it could be. This chick needs yoga in her life to calm the F down.

Word of advise. Never ever go four years without seeing a doctor. Even if nothing is wrong, make sure you always have regular check ups. The only person that will take care of you is you. Don’t let yourself down. Ok….wish me luck!

How I Holistically Medicated Myself Through Strep Throat


You should know by now that I’m someone who goes all in or not at all.  If you don’t know this about me, well you do now. With that being said, I strongly believe in doing things holistically as much as possible. F the antibiotics. Most of them are placebos anyways. If you’re sick, do your research and see what you can do naturally to get rid of it. Have a headache? Rub some peppermint oil under your nose, relax, breath it in and concentrate on the smell. I promise you this works. The headache will go away and no bullshit medication is needed. Why put substance in your body (that you probably can’t even pronounce) when you can use a natural oil that your body won’t reject to cure your pain? If you have a reason, don’t even tell me because I’m sure it’s not a good enough excuse other than “well because I have a headache, that’s why”.

Ok, I’ve preached enough. We all know, whether from personal experience or others, that strep throat is a bitch and is a complete inconvenience like any other sickness. When you go to the doctor, your prescription is a giant horse pill that makes no fucking sense because your throat hurts so bad (hence the name strep throat) that you can barely even swallow your own saliva. How does that even happen? Why does the pill have to be so big? Oh that’s right. Its a giant pill of bullshit. Trust me on this when I say this works. Antibiotics gets rid of your strep throat in a week and so does this method so do your body a favor and go holistic. Here’s what I took/did.

Besides the obvious instructions like eat soft foods, drink plenty of healthy liquids, sleep as much as possible, isolate yourself from others and shut the fuck up as much as you can, I stuck with a pretty basic holistic routine. Chewable vitamin C tablets, fish oil, B-complex, Echinacea and Zinc were for my immune system and inflamation. It was crashing because of this nasty bug I had going on and besides the bonus to chewing the vitamin C tablet to small bits, Echinacea and Zinc come in liquid forms. God’s gift to infected throats. To help with the pain, I popped all natural throat coating cough drops with Echinacea like they were chocolate, and I LOVE me some chocolate. Several times a day I would gargle with apple cider vinegar and water which helps break down the bacterial and kill it quickly. Apple cider vinegar…you are a life saver.

One week people. No antibiotics. No placebos. No unnatural chemical based shit going into your body. All good things going in and kicking strep throats ass in the same amount of time as a bullshit prescription would. Seriously trust me on this one. It works and I will tell anyone, even a doctor, their handwriting on paper is pointless in this case. Problem solved. Oh…and you’re welcome!

I'm The Giver In Relationships


All yo dirty ass minds need to relax. No I’m not talking about sexually giving. Family reads this shit and although I have no filter most of the time, I can’t be talkin about all that now. I’m talking putting all my eggs in one basket. Giving my all to someone and giving them everything I could think they want. Bringing them homemade food. Doing their dishes at their house even though they don’t ask me to. Being affectionate and listening to their problems. I love taking care of someone and I’m starting to think it’s the worst quality I have. When you give, you shouldn’t expect to receive back. To me, that’s the best feeling. Doing for someone else because you truly want to but when you do that, and there’s no sign of appreciation and more signs of taking advantage, I get a little pissed off. I would really love for someone to explain this to me as I go over it in my mind pretty often.

I don’t usually talk about my personal dating experience and point out that it’s MY actual experience, but I’m thinking I need to start because this right here has me stumped. Ok, here’s the deal. Besides doing all those things I stated that I really did do, and yes it was all my own decision, you would think when you’ve been seeing someone every weekend for about four months, it would be going somewhere. He’s called to set up dates and times to meet every weekend. He’s asked me to stay over and spend the entire weekend with him. He’s purposely gone out of his way to introduce me to friends, neighbors, and even made me call his mother to talk to her. Am I crazy or does this sound like the dude is really interested in something more than just a girl that comes to hangout and spend time with him? I’m not overthinking this shit. When someone says “I want you to talk to my Mom” and she tells you how much she’s heard about you, how are you going to randomly stop trying, not even respond to my message for days and then when you do, the response is “I think I just don’t have time to be fair to you”?

First thought was “go fuck yourself”. Why did you spend almost four months really getting to know me and making it a point that we are exclusive, yet find out you don’t have time? Second thought was “thank you for thinking of my feelings”. He knew I was not in this for a hook up. I wanted a relationship and wanted to work towards that. Now? Shit! F all that! I’m not even kidding when I say this man asked me to meet up in person so he could explain how he’s feeling to my face because he respects me. Do you think it happened? NO!!! Not even a text or call to set the time up. I have NEVER EVER been ghosted in my life until now and at 30, I’m too old for this shit. At 37, HE should be too old for this shit.

Yes I was hurt, really fucking irritate and downright disappointed in someone who was what I “thought” a really cool dude. I had gone above and beyond, as I always do, just to end up back on my own. I’m a strong women and can handle it but enough is enough. Why is it that women like me who love to give and take care of others always end up being shit on? See fellas, nice girls finish last too. It’s a fucking brutal LA dating world out there, well in LA it is, and this is not worth it. Some days, I think it’s better to just be alone, not worry about someone hurting me and date like a man. No fucks given! Homemade dinners? All mine bitch. Stopping to grab you a coffee on the way to surprising you? More like grabbing a treat for the roommates dog on my way back home.